Biwa Pearl Marquise Chain Necklace

Dianna B Designs


Biwa pearl and seed pearl chain juxtaposed to blackened, sterling silver, handmade marquise chain necklace.  Elegant and unique this is a modern deviation on classic pearl necklaces.

In ancient Roman Mythology, Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, passion, prosperity, fertility and victory.  She is known as the most beautiful and fluid of the goddesses and is associated with pearls and seashells, both sensual in nature.  These symbols represent Venus' epic birth at sea where she born of turbulent seafoam and angry seas and carried to land on a seashell   Pearls have a luminous, other-worldly luster, and continue to be timeless although they find a new form in the talismans here. In the honor of feminine beauty and power, this collection is named Venus; anchored with freshwater pearls and sea objects combined together with dark and beautiful oxidized silver.

  •  Necklace length is 22 inches
  • 6 Biwa pearls approximately 1.5" - 2" in length
  • Sterling silver handmade chain, connections and clasp
  • Seed pearl details
  • Jewelry comes beautiful packaged in a signature hot stamped black boxes made from recycled materials