About The Jewelry



Dianna was always drawn to the sense of wonder sparked by nature and it’s beautiful, scientific rhythms. One of her earliest memories is beachcombing near home and making a necklace out of a fire red scallop shell with a perfectly placed, naturally-formed hole that was ready for some string. Recreating that admiration and wonder for natural things and celebrating nature’s forms in jewelry is her passion.

Fabricated by hand in Healdsburg, California, using classical metalsmithing techniques, precious materials, bold design and ethical studio practices, talismans are made from gold, silver, precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls and materials. Dianna likes to examine the cavities and textures of natural treasures like seashells, cork, seeds, rough gemstones and materials with character. Many of the pieces made from natural elements turned adornment were curated from seashores and forests throughout Dianna’s life. Exploring the darker side of nature with regards to talismans is something she enjoys, for instance: a seashell overtaken with barnacles, or a maddeningly perfect repeating pattern in the slice of a shell, or even creating texture by pushing metal to the point immediately before it melts. The balancing of organic and rustic elements with urban grit and industrial aesthetics is reflected in Dianna’s jewelry. Utilizing classical metalsmithing foundations and bold, contemporary design, are the cornerstones of Dianna’s work.

Inspiration for the contemporary talismans comes from all aspects of nature and the elements, ancient stories, rock n’ roll, celestial entities and gritty places. Jewelry collections bear the names of gods and goddesses from the ancient world. Every deity in mythology has a story, filled with symbolism, and, often connected to nature or an experience; mythology is an endless muse. She loves connecting these nature stories back to her jewelry. Lastly, the idea these ancient myths are younger than the art of goldsmithing is also fascinating, as one of the principal deities of Roman mythology was the god of fire and blacksmithing, Vulcan. In the spirit of embracing the beauty of our natural world, studio practices are green: using recycled metals, products with the least environmental impact, and, conflict free stones from reputable sources.

Commitment to Sustainability
Dianna is deeply committed to responsible and ethical business practices, including, leaving the smallest environmental impact possible. All studio practices are eco-friendly: using recycled metals, conflict-free stones, or, recycled stones from reputable sources. All jewelry is made by Dianna in the USA.