Galatea Gold Diamond Ring

Dianna B Designs

14k yellow gold nautilus half shell ring with chocolate diamond and textured solid yellow 14k gold band. The ring is finished with a high polish except in the swirls' interior. A satin finish is used there to enhance the natural beauty of the shells interior, as well as, highlighting the brilliance of the diamond.

Chocolate Diamond, 1.5mm conflict-free

Available in Pink gold, palladium, white gold, green gold, silver
and different colored and colorless diamonds available.

Size 6.5 (Please specify)

****Special Order******* Takes 3 - 5 weeks.

All jewelry comes beautiful packaged in a 100% recycled signature black box.

The Galatea collection is made of beach combed shells cast in sterling silver. Gently, worn nautilus shells used in an unexpected way and small conchs, some lightly worn and some pristine, allude to a more delicate aesthetic.

In mythology, Galatea was one of the lovely, fifty goddess-nymphs of the sea. Each nymph personified an aspect of the ocean: waves, brine, rocky shores and tides. Galatea means "the goddess of calm seas". All the seashells in this collection were found on the beautiful north shore of Long Island, NY. The waters of the Long Island Sound are much more serene than the ocean tides making “Galatea” an appropriate moniker for the collection.