Salatia Gold Multi Necklace


Bold and rugged sterling silver statement necklace with honeycombed worn seashells, handmade chain and 24k and 18k gold.

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This one of a kind, bold, statement necklace piece is a showstopper.  Made with solid, sterling silver seashells that have been tumbled by the ocean for so long, the force of the ocean starts to permeate through the tough shell and make a beautiful, unique, honeycomb-like texture.  Each shell is adorned with 24k gold in the ancient Korean process called keum-boo; the process of bonding a layer of 24k gold to sterling silver. Thoughtful details abound as the toggle clasp is a solid sterling, laser sliced shell with a sterling coral branch toggle.  Accented with 18k gold, and 18k gold solder points on the handmade, hammered sterling chain, this necklace is truly a original.  Length: 17.5″


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